Film Review: The Conjuring


The Conjuring is the latest scare-film to come from director James Wan (Saw, Dead Silence, Insidious). The film stars Patrick Wilson (Watchmen, Insidious), Vera Farmiga (Orphan, Bates Motel) as Ed and Lorraine Warren. Based on the real demonologist and clairvoyant married couple.

Lili Taylor (Six Feet Under, Hemlock Grove) and Ron Livingston (Office Space, Swingers) play Roger and Carolyn Perron, A couple that moved to a house from Jersey to Rhode Island with their five daughters.

In the film Ed and Lorraine are called upon by Roger and Carolyn to investigate the rageful paranormal happenings taking place in their house. The phenomenon that is so out of hand all the girls sleep in the living room, refusing to sleep in their rooms. The clocks all stop at 3:07am every morning and there are constant banging sounds and creepy whispers.

This film is an excellent throwback to films such as Poltergeist, The Omen, The Exorcist. It is a period piece and takes place in the 60’s and 70’s, a part of the film charms me to no end. I am a big fan of those particular decades.

This, in my opinion, is why there was minimal skepticism on behalf of Roger Perron, who is a trucker and on a road when the initial haunting torments happen. Bottom line, people were more open minded then.

Now to the scares. There were many. Including the creepy dummy doll Anabel in the opening of the film. Lots of loud jump scares from banging on doors and walls, which are very effective in the theater. There are new creepy characters that install plenty of chills that stay with you upon leaving the theater.

The youngest daughter finds a music box out by the lake side on the first day there. She takes on an imaginary friend by the name of Rory. She tells everyone that if you want to see Rory simply wind the music box, once the music stops, look behind you in the mirror. That alone creates bone-chilling suspense during the film.

This film shows that James Wan is growing as a director. The camera work alone is worth watching it especially if you’re a film student or aspiring filmmaker. The characters are strong and most importantly, I cared about them. I wanted the Perrons to go back to being happy. I wanted the Warrens to help the family but not ruin their own lives in the process.

Anyone familiar with my reviews know I don’t like to give big spoilers. I apologize if you’ve already seen the film and were hoping to get an opinion on details.

I give this film four out of five stars.

Kudos Mr. Wan.

It is definitely worth seeing if you’re a horror fan or just nostalgic for throwback demonic terror scare films.

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